Our Process

See how we achieve our 1 day epoxy installation process.

Step 1: Surface Preparation

An epoxy coating will properly adhere to a slightly porous and clean surface. We begin by diamond grinding entire surface for maximum and permanent bond. All visible fractures in the concrete will be patched and repaired before applying the epoxy.

Step 2: Apply Basecoat Of 100% Solid Epoxy

Next, apply a basecoat of high-performance 100% Solid Pigmented Epoxy in a 20-30 mil layer across the entire floor for an excellent bond.

Step 3: Broadcast Color Flake

While the epoxy is still fresh, begin broadcasting Color Flakes commonly known as acrylic paint chips evenly and generously across entire floor. Allow the epoxy 2 hours to cure. Next, review flake coverage, collect all loose flakes and scrape the floor thoroughly to ensure flakes are smooth and ready for the final process.

Step: 4 Apply UVR Protective Topcoat

Next is to apply a protective topcoat of polyaspartic gloss sealer to the entire surface for a beautiful finish. Polyaspartic sealer is UV resistant, durable and 4 times more scratch resistant than epoxy.