I specialize in presenting a two-hour Run Hide Fight Surviving an Active Shooter Course. The course is inclusive and engaging and provides confidence and awareness for the corporate audience. I create confidence, not fear!


About Your Trainer

Steve is a retired LAPD Sergeant that spent most of his career as a LAPD Academy Instructor and interacting and developing community programs. He was selected as the Officer in Charge of the LAPD Instructor Develop Unit, where he provided oversight in the training of police instructors and presenters on the most advanced methods of adult learning techniques and audience engagement.

He was the recipient of the prestigious LAPD Meritorious Service Citation for his creation of LAPD employee wellness programs and the creation of a nationwide renown leadership course. He was selected for the interim Chief of Police position for the State of California Department of Public Safety and was selected as the LAPD representative to attend the Diversity Leadership Course as an evaluator of the course to teach others within the LAPD. Steve is currently a Security Manager at NBC/Comcast where he teaches his “Surviving an Active Shooter, Run, Hide, Fight course to new hires and Corporate leadership.

Our Promise To You

We promise to empower the student with information and personal choice options and give them “tools for their toolbox” in the case of a rare Active Shooter incident. Much like a safety briefing prior to take-off by airline staff, you will leave the class more knowledgeable and capable of action during a crisis event and become more aware of the causes, pre-indicators, and their own personal responses to an Active shooter incident. There is also a situational awareness component to the class to transform you to become more aware and intuitive to dangerous and unpredictable life scenarios.
The Course will include.

What will I learn? Preparedness and Awareness

You will leave the course more aware and knowledge about the current data and mindset of an Active Shooter and many techniques and methods to add to your personal safety mission. Not just an Active Shooter focused curriculum, the class instructions will ensure your confidence and self-protection abilities for your daily workday and anytime you are in a public setting.

What do our students say?

Lapd retired sergeant

Steven Williams

ncb/universal corporate trainer

I don't create fear...

I create confidence and awareness

Engaging . Inclusive . Interactive